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I do the props — PowerPoint & Prezi

You know your subject matter. I know the ins and outs of PowerPoint/Prezi, graphic design and animation. Together we can turn your event into the memorable one. We should brainstorm together … Continue reading

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Image intensive PowerPoint files quick to view!

Close to 100 large images converted to PNGs and inserted into PowerPoint. Uploaded to OneDrive. Originally 67 Mb, it takes no time at all to load. View here as an online … Continue reading

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Think billboard

Limited text. Powerful & pertinent imagery. Viewing your slides as billboards along the highway is one of the best approaches you can take when it comes to PowerPoint slides.  You … Continue reading

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Reminds me of how I got into PowerPoint

Simple layout. Excellent font choice. Superb text, well written, well structured. Lots of white space. Well done by Velocity. The story reminds me of how I started working with PowerPoint. … Continue reading

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Create your comic book in PowerPoint – Part 3

A previous post gave you a good idea on how to get started on Creating your Comic Book in PowerPoint – Part 1. The second post, Create your comic book … Continue reading

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Replacing that awful DEFAULT PowerPoint template…

…with your brand new PowerPoint template It should be a simple procedure. Replace that awful white default template with your brand new PowerPoint template. Right? It used to be anyhow. … Continue reading

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4 pointers that make or break your presentation

Almost two decades since the first time I clicked on the PowerPoint icon! I’ve seen plenty of presentations. Some good, some great, some that make me cringe. Let’s address those … Continue reading

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