Champagne Design — PowerPoint Design

I'll do your props — PowerPoint templates & content


Presentation Design Services — Any combination of assistance

design — program — format — convert —upgrade — tutor — rewrite

Your needs — Your choice

  • PowerPoint templates in line with your company branding
  • Custom slide layouts perfect for your style of content
  • Tips and tricks to use your template effectively
  • Slide databases from which to build your custom shows
  • All of your content formatted onto your new template
  • Trade show kiosk loops
  • Gala and special event presentations
  • Speaker assisting slides
  • Annual General Meeting series
  • Coaching slide decks
  • Educational and workshop slides
  • Corporate Roadshows
  • Information and marketing events
  • Employment Interviews

We can create a professional template for you to work with, or we can produce a complete PowerPoint presentation with all content formatting. We can provide a final tweak to your input of the content if that is all you require. We also convert Mac-created PowerPoint presentations to PC-friendly .ppt. We’ve started designing and building with Prezi, a different way of presenting, rather than successive slides, the visuals are laid out as an image map.


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