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How to Replace my Title Photo in PowerPoint

If you click on your title slide and it selects the image, that’s easy. The thin blue outline and white corner dots indicate that the image has been simply placed … Continue reading

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Reminds me of how I got into PowerPoint

Simple layout. Excellent font choice. Superb text, well written, well structured. Lots of white space. Well done by Velocity. The story reminds me of how I started working with PowerPoint. … Continue reading

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What’s the link between PowerPoint and carving?

What’s the link between PowerPoint and carving? None, as far as I could see, for the longest time. Then I read a slew of books and quite a bit on … Continue reading

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You have 20 minutes for your presentation.

Will it be War and Peace, or The Sunday Comics? I believe the question answers itself. It should. But rarely does. Countless times I have seen presentation slides stuffed to … Continue reading

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PowerPoint slides are not cue cards!

PowerPoint slides are not cue cards. So stop using bullet points on your projected slides. The audience does not want to read your cue cards. PowerPoint slides are your best … Continue reading

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Slidedocs – an evolving trend in Powerpoint templates

Slidedocs – Quick bytes – Fast food for thought This is the third time I have been asked to create a vertical PowerPoint template. And it seems that I am … Continue reading

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Create your comic book in PowerPoint – Part 3

A previous post gave you a good idea on how to get started on Creating your Comic Book in PowerPoint – Part 1. The second post, Create your comic book … Continue reading

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SAGD Animation in PowerPoint

A superb PowerPoint animation series depicting a complex topic.   Have a look at this and let me know what you think. A method of presenting information, visually, with the … Continue reading

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Best Slide Series of 2013?

Calgary Stampede UK Edition as number one slide series of 2013 Concise content from the get go, supplied by Nimble Communications. Access to a huge database of photos and videos. … Continue reading

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Replacing that awful DEFAULT PowerPoint template…

…with your brand new PowerPoint template It should be a simple procedure. Replace that awful white default template with your brand new PowerPoint template. Right? It used to be anyhow. … Continue reading

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