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PowerPoint fonts substituted? — Not if you do it this way

All those wickedly weird fonts we so love… All those wickedly weird and beautiful fonts you can obtain online are great for jazzing up your PowerPoint presentation. Used sparingly of course. A … Continue reading

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Potential pace of animation

High energy, fast paced. First 3 slides only, to give you a taste of it. Very easy to do this type of animation. It follows vector paths, uses fades and … Continue reading

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Light photo treatment and image animation sample

Image manipulation was done either in Photoshop or within PowerPoint’s arsenal of effects. Both are quite similar, Photoshop allowing a bit more control. Animation may or may not work automatically … Continue reading

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CBBC PowerPoint slides with Audio

Canadian Beef Breeds Council This series of slides was archived! But I did remember it as a great example of a highly visual slide series, with few words. These are the … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Animation with Audio

Parent’s Quest for the Cure Sample animation created years ago for a Gala in Calgary. Music by Paul Brandt, by permission. In order to see the automatic animation, you must … Continue reading

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High Visuals & Limited Text

A friendly reminder about the 80-20-10 rule: Your audience will retain 80% of what they SEE. Your audience will retain 20% of what they READ. Your audience will retain 10% of … Continue reading

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PowerPoint tips series have moved…

I have moved the PowerPoint tips and tricks series back to the website. Please update your links on your custom PowerPoint templates. The blog platform on WordPress makes it quite easy … Continue reading

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