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PowerPoint Animation with Audio

Parent’s Quest for the Cure Sample animation created years ago for a Gala in Calgary. Music by Paul Brandt, by permission. In order to see the automatic animation, you must … Continue reading

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High Visuals & Limited Text

A friendly reminder about the 80-20-10 rule: Your audience will retain 80% of what they SEE. Your audience will retain 20% of what they READ. Your audience will retain 10% of … Continue reading

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PowerPoint tips series have moved…

I have moved the PowerPoint tips and tricks series back to the website. Please update your links on your custom PowerPoint templates. The blog platform on WordPress makes it quite easy … Continue reading

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I do the props — PowerPoint & Prezi

You know your subject matter. I know the ins and outs of PowerPoint/Prezi, graphic design and animation. Together we can turn your event into the memorable one. We should brainstorm together … Continue reading

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Results of the 2015 Annoying PowerPoint survey by Dave Paradis

Dave Paradis’ survey results echo what I have been preaching for a while… limited text and better visuals! Leave the data in the notes version, or a handout. Slides are … Continue reading

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SWOT slide for Performance Coaching

A step beyond the usual four quadrants used to explain the SWOT analysis concept. Below is the usual matrix used to expand on the four points. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and … Continue reading

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Image intensive PowerPoint files quick to view!

Close to 100 large images converted to PNGs and inserted into PowerPoint. Uploaded to OneDrive. Originally 67 Mb, it takes no time at all to load. View here as an online … Continue reading

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PowerPoint — iPad — OneDrive

This is my third post written on this PowerPoint/iPad topic. Can you tell I like my iPad? The issue recently arising, is that these HTML5 converted slides I used for … Continue reading

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Think billboard

Limited text. Powerful & pertinent imagery. Viewing your slides as billboards along the highway is one of the best approaches you can take when it comes to PowerPoint slides.  You … Continue reading

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AMAZE and INFORM — knowing how much to put on your slides

There is a big debate about slide design on the web. It’s been simmering for quite a while. Two opposing camps, although neither of them see any war. Both think … Continue reading

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