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Still here after the pandemic!

The pandemic was a definite blow to my business, and yours I suspect, but we are still here. A world changing event, the type of massive dot on a timeline, a point at which we will say, “that was before the pandemic, or, that was after the pandemic”. In my case, presentations and templates were no longer required, at all. All business events went the way of video conferencing platforms, all participants working from home, we were all trying to adjust.

No more large venues, conference halls, boardrooms, which is where my work would shine. No more templates required. No more high impact PowerPoint slides. A bit of a stutter and a trip. Who could have predicted. This world-wide event affected businesses, families, friends.

But all is well now, and we are all climbing the hill together. Seeking normalcy. Or a modified version of it, a new normal. Since the initial cliff, I’ve done work for quite a few large corporations and a few not for profit agencies. Feeling a bit better. I welcome your enquiries for PowerPoint templates and slide decks. Willing to assist you in any way I can.

In the past three years, I’ve done some work for Health Canada, really? About C-19! Long term care homes, not a pretty picture at the time. Toxicity levels in dump sites, weird timing. Cannabis was declared legal, lots of projects here. Many slides for the health care industry. But not all sour topics, I did something sweet with a sugar company. And for some reason, the provincial and federal parks were in need of help, probably from an avalanche of newly minted camping/hiking enthusiasts. We were still building homes, still insuring them and ourselves, still mining, still extracting resources. But the definite winner these past three years was the health care sector.

I did have an advantage over my stunned clients, I had been working from a home office for 20 years. I poured my energies into other projects. My graphic design output of tessellations exploded. And I carved quite a bit. I started teaching both of these topics. How to draw tessellations just like MC Escher, videos on the teaching platform Skillshare. Carving, in person at the Carving on the Edge Festival in Tofino BC. So not all was lost, I was afforded opportunities to explore. Now, back to work!

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