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If you want to see advanced PowerPoint skills, head over to my Skillshare classes, they were all built in PowerPoint. Animation, video, audio clips, music, all synchronized on simple slides and exported as HD video.

What’s revealing to me, about creating these online classes on drawing tessellations, is that I’m using all of my acquired knowledge from the past decades of learning about communications and media. From the broad base in university in communications and visual arts, about human behaviour and how we communicate. Through traditional media: painting, sculpture, film, video, audio, photography, slideshow skills, animation and storytelling. Melding with new media: digital video, audio, pixels and resolution, software and apps.

Following the flow of interests, and shaking my head in wonder at what happens when people let their imaginations explode in creativity. All of this just to tell you that all of my classes on Skillshare were created because of my amassed knowledge and skills in PowerPoint. Script writing, photo stills, animation, transitions, on trigger audio bookmarks, bookmarks on video files, video clips, audio clips, successive stills animation, time lapse photography, live video capture…

These classes, all possible because of my accumulated knowledge in being proficient in PowerPoint!

My Introductory video is on youtube, but it only shows a talking head:

If you want to see some great samples of complex slide animation, you can register for free access to the Skillshare platform with this link:

But for now, I can share a few screen captures of my slides and process.

A short video headshot on slide 2, then five slides with audio clips, on which bookmarks have been set to trigger instructional animation.

Seventeen slides containing each their own audio clips. Script details M.C. Escher’s vast body of work. Bookmarks on the audio clips trigger some animation to explain his process.

Video headshot on slide two, followed by six slides containing animation that is triggered by bookmarks on the audio clips.

A complex series of screen captures with on bookmark animation, closely linked to what is said on the audio clips.

Same a above, animation is synchronized to the spoken words on the audio clips. Great instructional method. Show and tell.

Some of the videos in the classes are introductory headshots and lists of links.

Three slides, three treatments for instruction: classic technical animation, overhead capture video and screen capture video.

A view of the side panel showing the “on bookmark” option that is possible in PowerPoint to trigger something to happen on the slide.

Audio clips of varying durations, 10-43 seconds, all with bookmarks and trigger animation.

Audio clips explaining what is happening during a series of progressing screen captures, on trigger animation.

Slide three of interest (zoom-in below): see that list of points shows up at a bookmarked points in the four minute music clip, rather than a voice-over. It is followed by two more videos, also with a soundtrack.

A music track. And a video clip with bookmarks that trigger the list of bullet points to show up at a specific point in the video. Kinda cool what you can do with PowerPoint.

Well, I’m suitably impressed at the versatility of PowerPoint. I’ve learned much over the years about a multitude of different media, and have been able to put all of these skills to good use in this huge project. I still have fifteen classes to build and upload to Skillshare. Might take a while.

If you want to see the above samples of complex slide animation, you can register for free access to the Skillshare platform with this link:

(an anagram of Escher)

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