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Opening Old PowerPoint Files — 95, 97…

I simply wanted to have a look at my old archived presentations. My first ones done when I was working at Bell Canada. I remember the CEO J.A. MacDonald’s techno-predictions from 1996-1999, about “Persona Management” and “Device-Central” environments, “Opening the Electronic Door” was my favourite. And a cool animation on the Vista 350 phone (pre-iPhone days). A movie on your phone! I had animated a transport truck going across a bridge… and called it Escape from Kelowna.  Twenty years later, all of the above has come true. Amazing how people can see into the future and predict what will be the path of trends to come. Understanding human nature and it’s possible needs and wants — then planning for it.

Can’t have a better example of “Device-Central” than a “Cellphone Zombie”. They are ubiquitous.

PowerPoint 95 files: Nope. Not possible, and I have no reasonable explanation why I cannot open these old PowerPoint files using my present computer system. Research required. Seems there were too many issues involved when Microsoft migrated to newer programming. Bit lazy on their part, if you ask me. They should at least offer a safe and efficient viewer, or converter for the old files. According to a few blogs I visited, nothing but frustration was ever encountered.

Am I going to have to go to the attic and resurrect a dusty laptop? This is probably my best bet right now. Maybe export the slides as JPGs. And it seems that I am not the only one that is disappointed in Microsoft. As far as Microsoft is concerned, your best bet is to go dumpster diving behind Best Buy and locate an older PC to view your old PowerPoint files. Ridiculous.

I didn’t have to go so far. Had an older (bit dusty) laptop, running Windows 7. Located the original CD with the MSOffice 97 installer. Popped it in. It worked — I was able to install PowerPoint 97. Was stunned at seeing my old nemesis, that annoying paperclip helper app asking me if I needed assistance.

Can’t simply double click a PowerPoint 95 file, you must use file/open or physically drag it onto the interface and it starts upgrading each slide to ’97, with the little flying-right slide-jumps animation. I was able to open that file I was talking about above and here is that slide I remembered and was able to access from September 1996! Funny, took this photo with my iPad Pro. Extremes in technology!


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