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 Tom Peters was never a client.

Tom Peters was never a client: Unfortunately. After having read Tom Peters’ superb book on self branding (The Brand You 50) and surfed his website, I was curious at seeing what he would do with a PowerPoint presentation. I was astounded. Why, why, why.Why did he not apply his own ideas to his own product. I was baffled. I made a few suggestions and emailed him a sample of possibilities, the slides below. I emailed a few points as follows, but his media assistants assured me that they had already tried to get him to jump to the next level, unsuccessfully unfortunately:

  • Too many great ideas on one slide – all is lost in the jumble, none are remembered
  • At least use a well designed template as a base
  • With a customized color palette
  • Abstain from using centre justified lists
  • Use bold sparingly
  • Empty space = breathing space
  • Lime green and red vibrate annoyingly together
  • Use your branding – you already have it!
  • Nothing happened

The first two slides in the gallery below, the centered lists in yellow and red, show Tom’s originals. The nine slides following that are the ones I suggested he upgrade to in style.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I verified again and again over the years at Tom Peters’ website, he was still doing the same thing. Those were done 14 years ago.

3 comments on “ Tom Peters was never a client.

  1. Thank you for trying! I too had been to Tom Peters’ website some years ago, and was horrified by his slides.

    I’d hate to be sitting in a room when those were projected on a wall. It’d be like trying to look at a solar eclipse!


  2. About a year ago, I wrote a post about making slides look modern, and the third of its 3 tips is “Use colour well”.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t go into lots of details about what using colours well entails! That’s partly because it’s a whole topic in itself, and partly because I’m not the best person to advise on that (as I mention in the post). But using vivid colours – especially in garish combinations like Tom Peters does – is a real no-no.

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