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MS Word Corporate Branded Templates

MS Word corporate templates, following your company branding are not as common a project for me, as PowerPoint templates. I will defer with reticence, and build your MS Word template, but I don’t want word to get out that I can do these. I much prefer working in PowerPoint.

These MS Word templates are as complex as PPT, but in a different way. They take just as much time to build. Definitely not my favourite software to work with. MS Word is frustrating and illogical. It was originally built as a word processor, not a desktop layout software. Word can never be bent/reshaped/hammered 100% to look like an InDesign letterhead layout. Trust me, I’ve tried.

The same elements that are pre-programmed in your PowerPoint template need to be attended to in an MS Word template: colour palette, style sheets, logos, default fonts, custom layouts, backgrounds, headers and footers, left and right page layouts, columns, table of content, cover sheet…

Below, a few examples of the possibilities.

A few samples of templates created in MS Word

One comment on “MS Word Corporate Branded Templates

  1. Champagne Design

    Four years later, MSWord has not progressed.
    It’s still as frustrating to use.
    Maybe if they re-wrote the whole thing it would solve the issue.
    See my latest ramblings, December 2021:

    PowerPoint vs. MS Word templates


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