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MS Word Corporate Branded Templates

MS Word corporate templates, following your company branding are not as common a project for me, as PowerPoint templates. I will defer with reticence, and build your MS Word template, but I don’t want word to get out that I can do these. I much prefer working in PowerPoint.

These MS Word templates are as complex as PPT, but in a different way. They take just as much time to build. Definitely not my favourite software to work with. MS Word is frustrating and illogical. It was originally built as a word processor, not a desktop layout software. Word can never be bent/reshaped/hammered 100% to look like an InDesign letterhead layout. Trust me, I’ve tried.

The same elements that are pre-programmed in your PowerPoint template need to be attended to in an MS Word template: colour palette, style sheets, logos, default fonts, custom layouts, backgrounds, headers and footers, left and right page layouts, columns, table of content, cover sheet…

Below, a few examples of the possibilities.

A few samples of templates created in MS Word

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