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Writer Jill Hilderman from Nimble

Say what you mean. Tell stories. Use visuals. Less is more. Know your audiences; how to reach them. Make the call to action. And the list goes on! Strategic communications is a science and an art.

nimble communications . marketing . public relations

Don’t even get me started on the ability to write succinctly and with impact! In this realm, my colleague and collaborator Jill Hilderman of nimble communications shines. We’ve worked together on client projects for more than 14 years. Some are one-offs, most are long-term clients we support regularly.

Jill serves clients exceedingly well no matter their global location. She, I and fellow associates (who bring other skills to our projects) form teams as needed, project manage and deliver great results. It’s a fantastic model that works seamlessly for us and serves clients well, overhead is minimized and diverse (proven) talents maximized!

Whether she’s developing and implementing strategic communications plans for corporations, leading the creation of video productions or writing materials in the nonprofit sector, Jill has been knocking it out of the park for clients more than 20 years.

Check Jill’s website at:

nimble communications . marketing . public relations at the office of Champagne Design ;-)

nimble communications . marketing . public relations at the office of Champagne Design 😉

p.s.; At the edge of the field, just where the forest starts, waaaay back in the photo, is where the bears show up when the corn is ripe in the fall. Last year we counted 19, from up on the safe deck, in one of our many wildlife viewing sessions.

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