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Canada Beef project 2016

What an opportunity: I was asked to create a beautiful series of slides for Canada Beef! The slides would be used to promote Canadian beef at marketing events worldwide. They have a huge database of high quality photos, an easier task when the best material is on hand. It was a collaboration with nonfiction studios in Calgary, Brookline Public Relations and writer Bill Baker, as well as members of Canada Beef. A virtual team of experts in their fields, strewn across the country, concentrating on getting the vision into reality. Myself, the PowerPoint expert.

Below is a sample of the slides created. The final number of slides, including a video, tallied close to 100. A good rythm of animated and static slides, on-mouse-click, for the speaker.

It’s not too often that I get spoiled with a project like this, where I can give 100% of my knowledge and abilities. Have a look!

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