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A friendly reminder about the 80-20-10 rule:

Your audience will retain 80% of what they SEE.

Your audience will retain 20% of what they READ.

Your audience will retain 10% of what they HEAR.

Below is a PowerPoint series of slides from clients that truly understood the above 80-20-10 rule. These clients allowed me to put into practice the best method for audience retention. I did write about this in a previous post, “Think Billboard“. For this post, I show you a whole slew of examples. It takes time to get a good series of slides. Start early – don’t wait till the last minute. Do make sure your bullet points are in the notes area of the software and NOT on the screen; “slides are not cue cards“. A few slides with lists are okay, but please, not all text slides. So here goes.

Last icon on the right, on the above navigation bar, is for full screen.

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