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PowerPoint — iPad — OneDrive

This is my third post written on this PowerPoint/iPad topic. Can you tell I like my iPad? The issue recently arising, is that these HTML5 converted slides I used for the last few years could not be placed on a blog platform. Since I was transmogrifying* my website to a blog, I needed to find a solution. Took a while, so here goes.

  1. Create your PowerPoint file. If you want to password protect your file, PowerPoint 2013 offers you the “save as” option to block the edit function. (Tools/General/Password to modify)
  2. Upload your PPTx file to your OneDrive folder. Here you need to have set this up beforehand. Not an easy task as this is all Windows machinations. It’s basically the same as iCloud, a place to store your files, but you can also share, collaborate, edit, show, send, all online. You can either “share” it directly from your desktop (file/share/save to Cloud/OneDrive/and your chosen folder name), or upload it from OneDrive in your web browser.
  3. View your uploaded file in a web browser in your OneDrive account. Copy the EMBED code, either in edit mode from the file menu in Pptx 2013 online, or in simple view mode from the pull down icon (…) in the top right corner of the webpage.
  4. Paste this code into your blog page or webpage. You may need to paste in “text” mode rather than “visual” mode.
  5. That’s it.

It can be viewed properly on any device, supposedly — laptop, desktop, iPad have been tested. I have yet to test it on Android, as there are none of these devices within reach. Let me know if you own one and have tested it.

If you need to limit the potential re-use of your file, set a password to the file when you save it. This one tip took me a while to figure out! It really should be in the help files, both on WordPress and OneDrive.

Here is a sample, it advances with a swipe not a tap on the iPad. On desktop computers, a 15 second auto delay or mouse click.

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