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Reminds me of how I got into PowerPoint

Simple layout. Excellent font choice. Superb text, well written, well structured. Lots of white space. Well done by Velocity.

The story reminds me of how I started working with PowerPoint. Replace the word “Marketing” with the word “PowerPoint”.

Came in by the back door. Trained in communications and “Multimedia” as it was called back then. Nice to get away from Windows 3.1, and learn the Mac platform. Not office programs but creative ones, Photoshop, Illustrator, FutureSplash, Macromedia Director… And a few hours spent in a closet looking at “the world wide web”, huh, grey screens, black text and either red or blue 3D bullets, and HTML (no numeral affixed). Minor conclusion here, pay attention to what happens in closets. Same thing happened in a closet in High School, nerds walking out with a stack of punch cards. Look where they are now.

No one wanted the job of putting together the slides in PowerPoint at this huge corporation. Sort of fell into it (and that was a closet too!) Learned quickly, made lots of mistakes, and learned some more. Now I love helping people get their messages across. They are experts in their fields but lack the creative and technical knowledge to put the whole package together. And there are two sides to this definitely. Layout, design, creative ideas; but also knowing the technical aspects of the software, its limits and possibilities.

Just like in my mask carving, I am a storyteller’s assistant!

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