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PowerPoint slides are not cue cards!

PowerPoint slides are not cue cards.

So stop using bullet points on your projected slides.

The audience does not want to read your cue cards.

PowerPoint slides are your best “visual” prop. They just happen to be 2D, digital and without limit for what you need to illustrate. Since the audience only remembers 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see – you need to SHOW them! A previous post was written on this topic, “the 80-20-10 rule”

The classic visual prop from the 1950s was a line graph. It “showed”. That’s 80% retention. And presenters of the time seemed to know this. They would not walk around showing you their cue cards!

A classic prop from the 1950s.

A classic prop from the 1950s.

Your projected slides should not contain the text of your speech, not bullets points for you to expand upon. They should illustrate your concepts. Expand on your ideas. Provide insight into your data. Strike with more impact. I don’t know about you, but I cannot read the scrolling text below the TV news anchor, listen to the anchor person spaeking and fully comprehend both streams of information. Only one at a time. Keep the on-screen text extremely brief. And let the audience concentrate on you, the speaker.

Know the difference:
Your cue cards  – are the “Notes Version”
Your visual props – are the “Slides” you project
Your handouts – are a separate printed 
document or PDF

And those handouts may be created with a vertical slidedoc template. See a previous post on this topic.

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