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Slidedocs – an evolving trend in Powerpoint templates

Slidedocs – Quick bytes – Fast food for thought

This is the third time I have been asked to create a vertical PowerPoint template. And it seems that I am not the only one to have received this odd request. So much so that the Nancy Duarte team has written a third book, specifically about this new format, coined, the slidedoc. A SlideRabbit article on same topic was also posted recently.

This trend may have arisen due to the frustration felt by people, when using MSWord in trying to create quick and simple, illustrated documents.  I have gritted my teeth at its stubborn refusal to do what I want. It never looks quite the way you plan it, not without many RTFM sessions, help files, colleagues, expert groups, hair pulling… Sort of reduces your efficiency in the office. Many throw up their hands and switch to a more friendly software – PowerPoint. You’re kidding!

PowerPoint is in all offices. PowerPoint is easier to use. There are no limits on the number of layouts. It’s a simple task to import a multitude of image formats, or videos, animation, sound for that matter.

Slidedocs are not meant to replace extensive MS Word documents. Slidedcos have nudged themselves into their own niche, never as projected slides and neither as long form documents. They offer a more visual and faster read than a full fledged report. Clients have found multiple uses within their organization, a visual brief, a quick way to explain a concept, illustrated, fast, manageable chunks of information for the post-MuchMusic generation. Posters, billboards, MuchMusic videos, YouTube, blogs posts. Quick bytes – fast food for thought. Slidedocs display high visual impact but with a little bit more information, where the message will stand on its own. I urge you to have a look at the Duarte team’s article about slidedocs.

Below is a sample vertical slidedoc I put together for Pengrowth, way back in 2007.

A vertical PowerPoint template built for Pengrowth

A vertical PowerPoint template built for Pengrowth

Recently, one for AIMco:

AIMco vertical PowerPoint template, sample pages

AIMco vertical PowerPoint template, sample pages

Things to remember while using a slidedoc template:

  • 1 idea per slide as it is meant to be read quickly, it’s an overview format, a brief
  • don’t want the reader to spend more than a minute reading each page, short and sweet
  • usually read on your monitor either in PowerPoint or PDF, can also be printed and shared
  • never to be projected as it is too dense; an audience could never listen to a speaker and at the same time, read and truly comprehend the text and visual associations
  • meant to be  a more visual quick byte than an MSWord document
  • may contain tables, charts, maps, photos, illustrations, callouts, links, …
  • should have lots of breathing room, otherwise they will not read it!
  • should follow a rigid structure, a grid system, to display itself as a unified whole

Slidedocs – Quick bytes – Fast food for thought

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