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Best Slide Series of 2013?

Calgary Stampede UK Edition as number one slide series of 2013

Concise content from the get go, supplied by Nimble Communications. Access to a huge database of photos and videos. A thorough understanding of the organization’s branding. An inkling of the audience’s state of mind. The time taken to convert the message from all words to the perfect balance of images and concise text. All of these elements coming together to facilitate the speaker’s efforts at communicating the excitement to be had when attending the Calgary Stampede. Congratulations, well done!

  1. Follows the billboard style perfectly
  2. Concise content
  3. Large font
  4. Consistent colours
  5. Video, photos, pertinent animation
  6. Perfect props, not projecting cue cards up on screen!
One idea per slide. Short concise text. Big images. Works the best!

One idea per slide. Short concise text. Big images. Works the best!

Hazcom as number two? You bet!

A combination of great individuals that came together for this project. Great writers who know the difference between cue cards and stage props – . An illustrator with a great graphic style – Guy Parsons. Print designers from ShirleyPhillips for the accompanying study booklets. And a PowerPoint specialist tying the whole together for the on-screen slides. Excellent work from multiple directions. Kudos to all.

A sampling of slides from the Hazcom series

A sampling of slides from the Hazcom series

Fulfills all criteria from a previous post, those 4 pointers that make or break your presentation.

  1. Colour palette, consistent
  2. Grid, set and followed
  3. Font size, consistent and legible
  4. Concise content on screen, details on a printed handout

And more:

  1. Follows the billboard style
  2. Displays high graphic content, using photos, illustrations and videos
  3. Slides are not used as cue cards by the speaker, but as a proper digital PROPs!
  4. Supplies details in an accompanying printed document
HAZCOM – I Want to Know, participant's study handbook

HAZCOM – I Want to Know, participant’s study handbook

Excellent work by all!

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