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Converting PowerPoint for the iPad and other mobile devices

ok, so this is dated now! A more recent solution in this post: PowerPoint — iPad — OneDrive


It has taken a while, I’ve finally found a solution for my PowerPoint slides to show up properly on the website AND the iPad. As many of you may have noticed, Microsoft still hasn’t offered a solution to this issue. Converting slides to Flash used to be a good solution for laptops, PCs and Macs. iSpring was the best utility I had tested to convert to Flash. We could view PowerPoint animation online. But now we have mobile devices. Many do not display any type of Flash files.

Some solutions have been offered, where your slides reside in a cloud ( slideshark  /brainshark ). I was looking for a solution I could use to place slides on my company’s website and have them compatible with all devices, without losing control of them. I could always supply a PDF, but  people don’t want to download then open, view and have to trash…, or supply a JPG photo, but all animation would be lost. Not acceptable. Converting to video was another option, but then interactivity by the user is lost, and the files are huge. Not acceptable either.

HTML5 was the solution.

And again, iSpring finally came through.

Here is a sample PowerPoint series:


And the HTML5 equivalent. None of the animation has been lost! Check it on your mobile device.

Since I wrote this post, I’ve moved my site to WordPress, and they unfortunately do not support HTML5. So the above example does not work anymore.

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