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Create your comic book in PowerPoint – Part 1

It’s very easy and fun to create a comic book in PowerPoint.

The first thing to do is to set-up image boxes on your template on the masters. Create as many masters as you want. The traditional left to right and down as in the 3rd layout below, 8 images, or go wild. Squares, circles, rectangles, full-screen… as long as the viewer can easily follow the reading flow.  I stuck with the widescreen page set-up because I assumed it would be read full screen and not necessarily printed.


A few tips on setting-up your masters. Start with a blank layout and a good grid systems. In the “Slide Master” tab, the “Master Layout” section has a small pull-down menu under the “Insert Placeholder” button. This is where you will find the dedicated “Picture” box. Draw it out as close to your grid system as possible, then tweak it, either by size or shape.


At this point, you can change the shape of your picture box by editing the points. To edit points, right click that new picture box, and choose “edit points”.


There’s also a fast way, by using the “change shape” button. In my case, I use it often and have placed the button on my “Quick Access Toolbar”. If you want a round picture box, the pull down menu has everything listed, the identical list found in “insert shape”


When you have designed enough layouts, go ahead and start the input of your images and story. You can always come back and create a few additional layouts if you see a need. Go back to normal view, select a layout, and follow the instructions “click the icon to add picture” and choose your photo. You don’t really need to do anything in Photoshop beforehand. (And this is coming from a big Photoshop user!) Apply an “Artistic Effect”. Still while your picture and box is selected, the top menus for “picture tools” editing will appear, the “Adjust” section has the “artistic Effects” button. This is where you will find the cutout filter, identical to the one found in Photoshop.


By varying the number of shades, you can tweak how precise the image can look.


Here is a sample of a few pages. The “Stargate Errington” section.
A screen grab below of 3 pages.


Below is a partial upload of the comic book, as a PowerPoint file. Works on the iPad too! En français.

Please leave comments. Appreciated. Part 2 coming soon.

Part 2 is here, setting the stage, fixing those speech bubbles, custom speech bubbles…

The third post in this series has a link to download a free PowerPoint Comic Book template.


5 comments on “Create your comic book in PowerPoint – Part 1

  1. Arpit Daniel Das

    This is a great post, really appreciate the artistic work you have shared with us.
    Though it may consume a loads of time but then its worth. Hoping to create some creative and engaging stuff using these ideas
    Thanks for sharing it out with us
    authorSTREAM Team


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