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Why use a PowerPoint template?

A properly designed template will keep visual unity and consistency throughout your slides. Same branded fonts. Same branded colours. Consistent layout grid. All important issues for a PowerPoint user striving to stay away from the mishmash of the kitchen sink slide. Last thing a user needs to worry about when building slides is if the blue is the correct blue… the proper RGB numbers, the same font, the same bullet colour, inconsistencies in line spacing, alignment, jittering of the background or company logo, design element location. A template just makes it easier. Especially if you consistently use the pre-programmed PowerPoint layouts. Which are okay as a start.

Here is an example of a properly designed template. It makes the background choices and layouts available on a mouse click. This a a screen grab from a PowerPoint 2007 template. Access these from the “Home” tab, “Slides” section, under the “Layout” button.

powerpoint template

A smaller file size is also the result, as the background image is imported only once. Same fonts, font size and colour, leading and paragraph spacing,
bullets and indents are consistent in colour, size, alignment. Colours and font set are also available in Associated MS Office software, i.e., Excel, Word…

If, down the road, you customize each slide, using a properly built template still gives you a solid base from which to start. All is still editable.

One comment on “Why use a PowerPoint template?

  1. Champagne Design

    Regarding the above blog posting from a few years back:
    The same holds true for the latest version of PowerPoint, within the Office 365 suite, in 2022!
    Consistent look and feel throughout your slide deck. The all important constants: fonts, branded colours, leading, tabs, paragraph spacing, the grid that aligns all text boxes, transitions between slides, consistent positioning of elements on your slides so that your eye does not pick up any jitters on screen.
    All this depends on the user accessing the pre-programmed “LAYOUTS” which have been set-up by your designer, hidden in the back end of your template. The masters should NOT be accessed or changed as this will affect all slides in the deck and all future slide decks.
    When starting a new presentation, all you need to do is type-in your content into the chosen layout, or paste it from another deck, and use the “RESET” button in the top ribbon.
    P.s.; you can use the Office Theme file, which you can generate from the “file, save-as” menu, to access those pre-programmed colours and fonts, within the other Office 365 software, namely MS Word and Excel.Make your job much easier.


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